furnished nyc studio

As hard as it is to find a furnished apartment in NYC, it can sometimes be even more difficult to find a furnished NYC studio appropriate for the likes of photo and video shoots. Once settled in there, you deal with a crew that needs to be fed to do their job correctly. A hungry team is usually not the most productive team. At the same time, sending the team outfurnished nyc studio to eat could take ages, especially when the furnished NYC studio is in a location with so many hunger-stimulating options to choose from.

Lalito in Chinatown is a great option that serves lunch, brunch and dinner. The food is healthy and light and caters to¬†anyone with a dietary restriction. Gerardo Gonzalez, the young chef at Lalito, describes the food he serves as “hippie Chicano,” merging health food with Mexican furnished nyc studiocuisine. The dinner menu offers small plates to start with and share, a section furnished nyc studiolabeled “vegetables,” that includes vegan and vegetarian options, (as well as fish and meat add-ons for an extra cost), and a section labeled “meats.” Lalito’s vegan take on a caesar salad uses cashews and nutritional yeast as a cheese replacement and is topped with breadcrumbs and seaweed to satisfy the salty taste that the anchovies would usually bring. The pork carnitas are available in two sizes with meat that is marinated in pineapple juice. There is truly something for everyone coming from the furnished NYC studio. The drink menu does not disappoint either – therefore killing two birds with one stone.

Lalito is located on 104 Bayard Street in Chinatown, just a short eight minute walk from our location in SoHo. Make sure to look around as you head there! The streets make for perfect photos.

For more over-the-table shots and pictures of main dishes visit Lalito’s Instagram here and give it a follow!