manhattan corporate retreatManhattan can wear down even the strongest of people. Those who are familiar with the city understand that there need to be times blocked into schedules that are used exclusively to de-stress and to relax. Whether you are attending a Manhattan corporate retreat as a native New Yorker or as a first-time visitor to New York City, you will probably feel pre-meeting jitters and post-meeting regrets. The hustle and bustle of New York fails to allow you to calm down unless you know the right way to do so.

The following tips will ensure that your Manhattan corporate retreat does not have to be the most stressful item on your plate. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy what the city has to offer and will thrive during the Manhattan corporate retreat.

Before the Manhattan Corporate Retreat:

  1. manhattan corporate retreatHydrate
    Lack of hydration can make that nervous, dry-mouth feeling appear even more prominently. To avoid it, drink at least two cups when you wake up in the morning and keep a filled bottle of water on your person at all times. Taking a sip during your presentation is always a great excuse to re-gain your train of thought as well.
  2. Practice and Visualize 
    Be aware of what you will consider a successful outcome of the Manhattan corporate retreat. What are you looking to gain from it? What are your goals? Visualize these goals and consider how you will accomplish them. Whether that entails leading the meeting or presenting a specific idea, do a run-through of the way you would like it to occur in the Manhattan corporate retreat. This way, you won’t go in blind and won’t forget about your ideas.

After the Manhattan Corporate Retreat: 

  1. Exercise
    manhattan corporate retreatWhether your meeting went well or not, you’re going to want to release the built up energy. It may be excitement or it may be anger and frustration. Either way, these emotions can make you lose sight of what’s to come in the future. Exercise in the form that you prefer, shower to cleanse yourself of the day’s activities, and even take a short nap if you feel it necessary.
  2. Grab a drink with friends
    manhattan corporate retreatA quick social drink with friends or co-workers may be exactly what you need to relax, as long as you keep the topics unrelated to work and the meeting that you just came from. Many fun bars sufficient for this activity are right near our space in SoHo. Check them out at the bottom of the page here.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling stressed out before your Manhattan corporate retreat. Sometimes the stress is what motivates us, rather than what inhibits us. However, you can run into problems if the stress and anxiety is taking over your thoughts. These tips should help to prevent that from happening.