manhattan event venueIf you’re just starting at a new company, or if you just want to make more friends in the office, there are a few things you can do to establish friendly relationships with your coworkers. For example, knowing the difference between a friend and a coworker or boss is an important first step. Feeling too familiar with a work colleague could lead to oversharing or unprofessionalism in the workplace, since you no longer see them as a professional resource, but rather more of a friend. That’s why it’s always important to draw a line between being friends and being colleagues, at least while in the office. You may hang out all the time on the weekends, but when it comes time to work, personal feelings can easily get in the way of job performance. It may feel strange to make this delineation at first, but establishing this routine will help you do better at work, and make for a stronger relationship in and out of the office. Try this out the next time you’re at a Manhattan event venue with your company – use this time strictly for creative exercises and getting to know the people you work with professionally. After the work day’s done, head over to a cool gallery or restaurant near your event venue and spend some time getting to know each other personally. This lets you leave your work life at work, and will allow you to have a lasting friendship even if one of you leaves the company. For more ways to win over your coworkers in a Manhattan event venue, check out this article from Money!

manhattan event venue