new york city brainstorming space

Getting out of the office for and heading to a New York City brainstorming space can be extremely beneficial for a team that feels stuck in a cycle and therefore lacking when it comes to the creative process. Offsite spaces offer plenty of opportunities, but they are not outlined for you. You must figure them out yourself. The following tips will ensure that you utilize your New York City brainstorming space as efficiently as possible so that the time there is not wasted.

Wall space is everythingnew york city brainstorming space

If your New York City brainstorming space is equipped with white wall space, you are already in for a treat. First, this is the clean slate that you need to begin with. Forget about the office clutter and the plethora of to-do lists stuck to your cubicle. Without these distractions and stress inducers, your mind is already in a better place. Following this cleanse, you can begin to build up this wall space with the entirety of the brainstorming process. Take visualization to a new level!


Though you have an open floor plan at your hands, it is smart to section off different spaces for different steps of the brainstorming process. Many teams like to breakout into groups and having set spaces for that helps to minimize noise overload. Hold one space for the majority of the creative process – the place where everyone will come together and regroup to share the ideas from their breakout groups.

Remember to reTREAT

new york city brainstorming space

There’s a reason that “treat” is within the word “retreat.” Sure you are leaving the office, but this is not always enough to remind employees that today is not like all other days. The day at your New York City brainstorming space should not encompass any office-like routine. Treat yourselves to catering or a meal out – don’t bring lunch! Treat yourselves to a break here and there – it will change up the monotonous nature of the day. These treats on the retreat will eliminate the “work” feeling of the day.