nyc creative spaceYour team may have plenty of smarts, creativity, and industry know-how, but those three things alone won’t ensure that you work well together. When it comes time to work on a new project or brainstorm ideas, these attributes will only go so far. The key aspect to making sure your team performs well is actually simpler than you think: just be nice. According to Quartz, research has found that teams who really understand and appreciate one another’s ideas and opinions will be more successful than those who don’t. Keeping this in mind when meeting in an NYC creative space can help improve your team’s performance because you will be able to spend time with one another outside the office and get to know your team members in a more relaxed environment. Next time you’re having an event or workshop at an NYC creative space, make sure you bring an air of kindness and understanding to your team. The improvement will be astounding!

nyc creative space

Photo courtesy of Quartz