nyc offsite creative workshopWorkshops are great opportunities to gather lots of new ideas in one place, and flesh them out to see what works and what doesn’t. This process is the key to putting plans in progress that can turn into future products or projects. But you have to make sure the ideas are good ones from the start. In a NYC offsite creative workshop, you have the freedom to work outside the office in a new environment, which can boost creativity by giving you a fresh perspective to work with. Studies show, however, that total freedom can actually hinder the creative process. Therefore, doing fun exercises that use the power of restraint can allow your employees to brainstorm better ideas than if they had every resource to work with. For example, giving your team an imaginary budget to work with or only 50 words to explain their idea will help them hone in on the most important parts, and will also improve communication skills between team members. Next time you’re in a NYC offsite creative workshop, consider using restraints in order to boost creativity! Check out this article from Inc. for more information!

nyc offsite creative workshop