nyc-offsite-workshop-1-sohosoleilSure, being out of the office is a huge step in helping your employees stay engaged throughout the day. But, unfortunately, that’s not all it takes. An NYC offsite workshop can last days at a time if your company has a lot of material to go over with employees, which means that employees’ motivation can start to dwindle if they’re not being treated properly. Part of being a good manager means knowing how to keep your employees eager and excited about the work they’re doing, and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Too many managers don’t look at the facts about how to engage their employees, and instead just go with their gut, yielding little to no change in motivation. An NYC offsite workshop is an opportunity to experiment with new ways to keep them attentive and motivated. This Harvard Business Review article lays out key reasons why typical motivational practices fail, so that you can learn how to avoid disengagement and lowered productivity at your next NYC offsite workshop.

nyc offsite workshop

Photo courtesy of Harvard Business Review