photography studio near meSoHo, New York City is regarded as one of the coolest and trendiest neighborhoods in the world, and for good reason! Between the antique warehouse architecture and stylish designer clothing shops, this area is a perfect backdrop for all things fashion! However, even if you have the perfect set and clothes, it can still be difficult to navigate the fashion photography scene at first glance. Don’t worry, because we have gathered some insider information on how to find a “photography studio near me” to help kickstart your photography career.

photography studio near meThe Basics
First things first, you need equipment! There’s no point in finding a photography studio near you if you don’t have anything to take photos with. Luckily, in SoHo there are plenty of reputable camera stores where you can purchase equipment. While stores like BestBuy are available for mainstream products, you can find all kinds of cool tools and gadgets in specialized camera stores like K&M Camera and RED Digital Cinema. Leica, another camera store, even has a specialized website for it’s SoHo location! It’s always worth it to take a look into local stores for great finds.

photography studio near meThe Location
When doing that search for…a photography studio near me, there are several important factors to consider–budget, subject, weather, and the list goes on. However, it is extremely important to consider lighting, as it is one of the building blocks of photography, and the reputation of the studio. The studio’s reputation is critical, because it won’t matter how beautiful a location is if you’re not leasing from a reliable company. Look for studios like SoHoSoleil, with more than 20 years of experience, diverse clientele, and gorgeous venues to ensure you are getting the most professional service possible.

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