soho conference roomHaving a great idea doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be successfully executed. There are a lot of factors that go in to whether or not that idea will make its way to a pitch, a product, or even a business, and the most important of these factors is how well you manage your time. In a SoHo conference room, time can feel like its flying by because you’re no longer stuck inside the office. Working in a new environment can make the day go by faster, but that also means you have to keep a closer eye on how you spend your time. There are three key steps to mastering time management, according to management mogul Peter Drucker. The first step is to start recording your time. Being able to see where all your time goes can help you amend certain areas and spend your days more wisely. It will also help you make your time in your SoHo conference room as productive as possible. Being able to fraction up the day in effective ways will be better for you and your team in the long run. Check out this article from¬†Quartz¬†for the rest of the steps!

soho conference room