As a manager, you know that feedback is important to the success of your company. The only way for your employees to improve is to tell them what they can do better, and what they are already doing well. Giving this kind of feedback can be difficult, though, since it’s easy to accidentally offend someone or make them feel bad about their work. That’s why knowing how to give effective feedback is so important – it helps the employee and the company grow. One way to do this is by taking advantage of your next offsite meeting. For example, the next time your company is meeting at a SoHo, NYC loft space, use that time away from the office to allow your employees to feel more at ease. If they feel more comfortable, it will be easier to openly talk to them about what they can do differently in their work that will help them improve in the long run. A SoHo, NYC loft space also provides a welcoming environment to actually get to know your employees, and for them to get to know you outside of the office, which can be an important step in your relationship with them. Check out this article from¬†Inc.¬†for advice on how to give constructive feedback that will help your employees grow!

soho, nyc loft space

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