soho offsite meeting spaceNew York City is known as a global hub for business and innovation, so it’s no wonder you would want to hold a meeting in one of its most unique neighborhoods: SoHo. Depending on where you’re from, however, getting to your SoHo offsite meeting space can be a pain. Coming to New York from across the country, or across the world, entails a long plane ride, which has the potential to be unpleasant if you’re cramped in to a small, uncomfortable seat. That’s why it’s important to know how to avoid these situations. While avoiding the plane ride itself may be impossible, it’s not impossible to find a seat that will give you the best ride possible. Just wishing for a good seat and seeing what the options are once you board isn’t the best way to go about it. These tips from Forbes magazine let you in on the best ways to find the best seats on a plane, which will make your experience traveling to your SoHo offsite meeting space as pleasant as possible.

soho offsite meeting space