venues in nyc

Everyone loves the main event, but very few see the hard work that goes into organizing food, music, and venues in NYC. There can be a thousand moving parts to an event, and it takes a lot of hard work and determination to execute it perfectly. Whether you’re planning a huge gala, company conference, or your next birthday party, these tips will help you succeed!

Keep an Events Binder
If you ask any event planner what their greatest weapon is, they’ll likely all say the same thing: The Binder. An events binder can be an exceptionally helpful tool when it comes to event planning. Binders are particularly crucial during the planning stage, because they give you a space to keep all of your ideas and plan for your event in one place. Binders also make following itineraries and cataloguing invoices easier! Having physical copies of important documents makes sure everyone is on the same page.

venues in nyc
Use Organizing Software
You shouldn’t just rely on The Binder, however. As an event planner, you’re always on the go dealing with last minute crises, and you need to have all of your information at the ready. You don’t want to get to your venues in NYC and realize you’ve forgotten something important! Take advantage of free organizing software like Google Drive and Dropbox. On these sites, all you need is a username and password to be able to keep digital copies all of your important documents handy. 

venues in nyc
Keep a Checklist
Checklists are great way to keep track of what’s been done, as well as stay on top of tasks that still need to be completed. Create a list for each facet of your events–food, staff, venues in NYC, etc.– and as you make each list, makeyou establish a solid foundation. Throwing an event can be fun, but it can quickly turn overwhelming if basic things like contracts haven’t been confirmed. Keeping a checklist ensures you stay organized!

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